210 reasons to Hire local roofers near you

There are many good reasons to hire a local roofer.

  • Get references you can call and talk to about their experience.
  • Drive by the houses they did to look at the new roofs they put on.
  • Talk to friends and neighbors in your community. Were they happy with the work they did? This is a great place to start.
  • Check their reviews on google.
  • Check their reviews on Yelp.
  • Check the facebook page for fans that left reviews or recommendations.

During times of major storms that cause major roof damage.

Roofers from other states will drive up to your neighborhood and knock on your door to offer you a free roofing estimate. Once they take your deposit they can easily disappear with your money. Even if they do the work they promised what happens if you need them to fix something that leaks? Very often they will be hundreds of miles away.

The lesson?

Hire a local roofer near you. Many times a roof repair will do and you wont need to buy an entire new roof!